Security and Productivity!

The Mona Lisa of Captcha Art

Captchas, the scrambled words required at log-ins, used to be highly annoying and a waste of  time.  They are primarily used for telling humans apart from programs, as the acronym detonates: “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.  But recently, these simple security measures are being used in innovative ways to help optimize The Internet!  Many captchas spawned a new art form, fittingly called “captcha art“.  Not only is Internet culture coming out of captchas, but also useful human productivity, such as a using captcha work to digitize new books, adding more content to The Internet!  The inventor of captchas, Luid Von Ahn, recently spoke at TED, where he also unveils his new idea!!  I highly encourage you to watch, learn, and take part in the interactive and evolving web!  hint hint: DuoLing will change the way we interact with the world!


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