Free Music Playlists by Diehard Music Lovers.

Ever want to find the hottest, newest tunes?  Or have a slamming playlist for an entire party?  Or even just share your favorite playlists, moods, and songs with the world?  Well, my fellow music lovers, you should check out 8tracks!  This Internet gem has millions of handcrafted playlists, for any mood, any situation.  The creators tag them, mostly with easy to follow genre tags, and then you can sort and find a playlist for any mood.  Like a great instrumental playlist for doing homework, an upbeat pop playlist for cleaning your room, or a hardcore rap and classical playlist for hitting the gym.  Personally, I love finding new dubstep and glitch songs from random playlists, as 8tracks is usually on top of the new music scene.   More or less, its radio by people like you, for you. Check out what I’m listening to now:


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